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Daniel Yomtobian Explains the Necessity for Responsible Marketing Campaigns During Coronavirus Outbreak

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has become the most disrupting event in recent history, changing the world in ways nobody could have guessed. Aside from its heavy toll on a personal level, it has wreaked havoc on national economies and prompted a rethink of business practices for many organizations as humanity braces for a post-pandemic reality where the term “normal” will no longer apply, says Daniel Yomtobian, an accomplished entrepreneur and acclaimed online media professional. “Forced to contend with a public health crisis of unprecedented magnitude, most brands quickly became aware that adjusting would require more than trimming ad budgets or re-evaluating campaign types. Advertising can no longer be just about acquiring new customers and pushing new products. Never before have brands had such a great responsibility to educate and inspire by prioritizing campaigns that are informative, authentic, relevant, and empathetic. With 89% of consumers saying they intend to keep some new habits and behaviors developed during the pandemic, organizations that promote a positive message and contribute to the greater good will emerge as winners in the post-pandemic world,”  Daniel Yomtobian comments.
To their credit, most of the world’s biggest corporations and countless smaller ones have pitched in to fight the virus, donating to various healthcare funds, deploying resources in new ways, offering free products or services, or supporting their employees and communities through different initiatives. However, brands of all sizes can and should support the concerted effort through their advertising campaigns as well, according to Daniel Yomtobian. While survival and effective crisis management were the top priorities in the early days of the pandemic, it soon became apparent that the crisis also offers new opportunities for brands that emphasize trust, send a positive message, share uplifting experiences, and strive to create value for their customers in a socially distanced world. Given the current fears and uncertainty, tactful, mindful marketing is of paramount importance as it can greatly improve the collective experience.
“Being a responsible advertiser in the pandemic environment entails a comprehensive evaluation of the campaign pipeline to determine what should be put on hold and what prioritized,” Daniel Yomtobian explains. “Since advertising is an intensely visual form of communication, brands need to be extremely careful of the images they utilize and the accompanying language. The world may return to its old ways some day, but brands currently have a responsibility to promote safety first and foremost.”
A pioneer and innovator in the online media space, Daniel Yomtobian has received multiple awards for his work in digital advertising. Initially a web designer, he found his passion in online advertising, launching several successful business ventures along the way. Among them is, which has grown under his leadership to become the world’s largest privately held keyword pay-per-click (PPC) network. Recognizing his professional expertise and commitment, Daniel Yomtobian was described by a recognized industry magazine as a “…young leader [who] will continue to play an important role in shaping the online world of tomorrow.”
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